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Tall Tapered Round Planter - Fiberglass - 31"/37" Tall - Bara Jar by Jay Scotts

$ 309.95



Ebony - Matte Finish
Antique White - Matte Finish
Charcoal Grey - Matte Finish
Cocoa - Matte Finish
Pink Mimosa - Matte Finish
Bright White - Glossy Finish
Cobalt Blue - Glossy Finish
Eggplant - Glossy Finish
Key Lime - Glossy Finish
Lemon - Glossy Finish
Matador Red - Glossy Finish
Tangerine - Glossy Finish
Sapphire - Metallic Finish
Silver Polish - Metallic Finish
Stately Bronze - Metallic Finish
Gunmetal - Metallic Finish



The smooth tapered shape of our tall Bara Jar vase-style planter adds sleek elegance in an eye-catching size.

  • A rounded and tapered shape that adds elegance and warmth to your surroundings
  • One of our most versatile planters, the Bara Jar complements traditional and contemporary decor
  • Adds graceful movement to minimalist and modern design schemes

Availability: Finish applied per order - Ships on average in 5-7 business days
Drainage: Drainage holes optional
Material: Fiberglass
Finish: Choose from our 16 professionally painted U.V. resistant finishes.

Colors depicted on your screen may vary from how the planter looks in different lighting situations. To guarantee color match, please choose from our available color swatches



Our Bara Jar planter is one of our most versatile. While its shape is traditional, the simplicity of its lines fit in well with modern décor. The unique shape of the Bara Jar planter by Jay Scotts allows it to complement a variety of design schemes, including traditional, transitional, modern and minimalist. 

The 31” tall version of our Bara Jar works well as a frame on either end of a low-profile sofa or lining a patio or walkway to define the space. Standing at over three feet tall, our large Bara Jar commands attention but complements décor from classic to contemporary.

Our popular and unique tapered Bara Jar planter updates the shape of a vintage earthenware pot with an updated, flowing profile and sturdy, durable fiberglass construction. Use this tall planter to add a sense of graceful movement to a more geometric, contemporary design, or bring modern simplicity to traditional décor. Tall enough to hold its own framing a door or large piece of furniture, or use several to divide walkways from living areas in an outdoor space.

Dimensions & Weights
69155.20 - 20" x 31" Exterior; Base 11";  11" Opening - 13.5 lbs
69155.34 - 24" x 37" Exterior; Base 14";  14" Opening - 18 lbs