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Large Pots + Planters for Every Space

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Alicante Tapered Vase Planter

From $ 154.95 - $ 499.95

Low Profile Outdoor Planter Box

From $ 229.95 - $ 299.95

Marseille Fiberglass Bowl Planter

From $ 224.95 - $ 449.95

Modern Metal Cube Planter

From $ 294.95 - $ 1,519.95

Montroy Cube Fiberglass Planters

From $ 924.95 - $ 1,499.95

Oso Large Polar Aluminum Bowl

From $ 99.95 - $ 149.95

Phoenix Tall Vase Planter

From $ 104.95 - $ 199.95

Symmetry Tall Cylinder

From $ 39.95 - $ 569.95

Symmetry Tall Square Planter

From $ 42.95 - $ 724.95

Wannsee Extra Large Tree Pot

From $ 539.95 - $ 999.95

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Large Pots + Planters for Every Space

Whether long and narrow or tall and wide, large planters and planter pots are eye-catching statement pieces and can act as a focal point to build a space around. The selection of large pots and planters offered at Pots, Planters & More can suit minimalist tastes with clean edges and muted colors, fit seamlessly into traditional design schemes with classic shapes and colors, or add pops of bright color and interesting shapes to contemporary decor.

We offer an incredible selection of large planters and flower pots to fit your space; ranging from terra-cotta style planters to modern, sleek metal and fiberglass options. Most metal and fiberglass planters have several color options available to ensure they fit your style and vision perfectly.

These planters are ideal for home, office, garden or commercial uses. Metal planters provide a clean aesthetic perfect for creative offices or modern homes. Rectangular planters in particular are ideal for sectioning open spaces and creating room dividers. Fiberglass planters are highly recommended for outdoor and commercial use – weatherproofed against both cold and heat; and will retain their appearance for up to 10 years with regular sealant application. For commercial applications, be sure to visit our Commercial Planters selection; ideal for hotels, offices, and corporate campuses.

These elegant, luxurious large planter pots are ideal for the seasoned horticulture enthusiast looking to grow their own plants and herbs, property managers looking to take their landscape design to the next level, or homeowners looking to create an exceptional outdoor patio, garden, or front porch.

Our selection of large planters and planter boxes are the right choice for adding elegance and style to your space. Enjoy them even more with free shipping throughout the continental United States! Can’t find a planter to fit your space? We also offer custom metal planters that can be designed to your exact specifications. 

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